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Best cricket bat to buy online in India

Best English willow bats under 5000 rupees

Buy cricket bats online with offers and discounts

Many top Cricket brands are selling their products online now. That too with many exciting deals. Because they can get rid of extra charges while selling through retailers. You may have a look at lightening sports deals from Amazon and special prices form Flipkart and get many price discounts.

Is it a good idea buying a costly Cricket bat online ?🏏

Problem with buying a cricket bat online is that, it is not possible to check its wood. Unlike badminton racket or a table tennis bat, cricket bats, made with wood, differ each from other. You cannot see the grains or physically check it for its size, or weight. Even though these are some problems, if your budget is under 5000k, you will definitely find online stores more convenient and affordable.

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Best cricket bat to buy online in India

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Cricket bat buyers guide 2018

Being the most popular sports in India, cricket is something that unite the heart of us, Indians. Because of this admiration to cricket, we also get a lot of resources, both tangible and intangible, to learn from and choose from. For example we get many options in brands, bats / kits and other Cricket accessories to choose from. Also we have couching centres across country & world class coaches to learn from. These are not the case with many other sports in India, as we lack proper sports infrastructure.

Following article will be helpful for anyone who need to choose best Cricket bat or just want to update your knowledge – Here you can find all basic information’s you need to make your bat choice.

Three types of Cricket bats

You must have heard about main 2 types of bats “English willow” and “Kashmir willow”.  Another category is, “popular willow” bats. Most sports brands in India promote these three main types of bats. English willow and Kashmir willow bats are made from fibrous “willow” woods from UK and Kashmir respectively. Popular willow bats are made from “poplar” wood, and hence the name. And popular/poplar wood bats are available at cheap price, but lacks quality of UK/Kashmir willow woods.

Other material used in making cricket bats are Carbon fibre and titanium in handles. Legal specifications does not allow to use any material other than wood in making cricket bat blade. But a small layer of protecting material around blade is allowed. And these materials are allowed for making handle area.

If  you still need more information about Willow then use this link

Difference between Kashmir willow and English willow bats

Made from willow woods grown in UK, English willow bats are used by most of professional players and are costly compared to other two. Price ranges from 1000 rupees (low grade) to 50,000/60,000 rupees (grade A bats). These are lighter than Kashmir willow bats.

Kashmir willow bats are more heavy than English willow bats. But if you are using a heavy ball, you get more swing power and momentum also. This is best for playing with heavy tennis ball / any other heavy ball. Also, if you are a beginner, you can definitely go for Kashmir willow bats. Price ranges from 750 rupees(low grade) to 4000 rupees (high grade).

Coming to popular willow bats, if you just need a bat for playing at your local ground and enjoy with buddies then you can go for popular willow bats. These are most affordable and price ranges from 350 to 1000 rupees.

Things to know before buying a cricket bat

Following are few factors that decides quality of cricket bats, and also will help you decide the best one for you.

Bat Size for different type of players

Bat size and handle type are 2 things you have to consider first. If your height is “5. 7or 5.8” inch to “6.3 or 6.4” inch, then you can go for full size short handle bats. For players having height more than 6 foot and 4 inch, can go for full size bats with long handle. Young players need to consider their height and choose appropriate one for you. Bat size guide of each brand is available in official website of brands.

Shape based on distribution of weight 

Based on the distribution of weight along the bat blade, bats comes in different shapes/profiles. For example we can change nature of bat by changing position and distribution of sweet spot along width or length of bat. Simple categorisation can be done as “low profile, mid profile and high profile”.

Swell position of a cricket bat

As described above, based on position of swell,  power of impact & momentum changes while hitting ball.

Sweet spot of a cricket bat

Sweet spot is the area of bat, that gives maximum power and control.

Choosing a bat proper weight for you

Play quick with light weight or get more power with heavy bat. But light weight will result in vibration and turning of bat while hitting. Similarly heavy bat means it is not easy to control and swing.

Grains and Grade in a Cricket bat

Grade (A, B,C) is all about indicating materials used in bats, according to ICC rules. And it has nothing to do with quality of bat(unless sellers classified bats based on quality). You can read more about this in official website of ICC.

Grain represents the age of wood used to make bat. Each grain indicates 1 growing season (1 year).

What type ball you are using

Which ball you use to play on regular basis. This will affect durability of bat also. More heavy ball means you have to choose heavy ball also.

List of top Cricket bat brands

Top Brands to choose cricket equipment from in India

It is very important to choose Cricket bat from a trusted company. List of top cricket brands are also given below.

List –> SS, SG, Kookaburra, GM, Gray Nicolls , Puma, Reebok, spartan.

Best cricket bats to buy in India

Following are list of selected Cricket bats from top brands, available online in India.

Best cricket bat in India under rs 1000

  1. Popular willow bat(Cheap) – AVM Splash 20-20
  2. English willow – SS Magnum – amazon, flipkart
  3. Kashmir willow – SG Max cover – amazon, flipkart

Best cricket bat in India under rs 2000

  1. English willow – SS Custom – amazon, flipkart
  2. Kashmir willow – SG RSD Spark – amazon, flipkart

Best cricket bat in India under rs 4000

  1. English willow – NIKE G5 – amazon, flipkart
  2. Kashmir willow – Gray nicollis – amazon, flipkart

Best cricket bat in India under 5000

  1. English willow – MRF Genius grant edition – amazon, flipkart

Best cricket bat in India under 10000

  1. English willow – Kookaburra Ghost 300 – amazon, flipkart