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Pookalam (Onapookkalam, Athapookalam) Design sketches for school students

Top ten best onapookkalam designs

Top ten floral carpet designs and sketches for school students

Pookkalam otherwise known as athapookalam or onapookalam is unavoidable part of onam celebrations. It is considered a work of art. Over the years floral designs have evolved from the traditional circular shapes to complex and unique designs that need some time and skills.

Following are a few simple but beautiful pookkalam designs for school children. Along with sketches a preview of finished designs are also given. These designs can be used for pookalam competitions in schools or for home. Most of these designs can be achieved with 4-7 types of flowers.

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  1. […] People will make Pookkalam (Floral Carpet) in home, school, office and other places as a part of celebrations. There will be a small prize for those who create best pookkalam in these events. Here is a list of simple pookalam designs for school students. […]

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