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This is how Janmashtami 2016 can be full of Happiness & sweet memories

Janmashtami costumes ideas

Janmashtami krishna dress & decoration cloths for baby boys & girls

Janmashtami also known as Ashtamil Rohini or Sre Krishna jayanti is one of the biggest religious festivals in the world. It is celebrated by more than nine hundred and thirty million people around the world. We celebrate Janmashtami by fasting, worshipping Lord Krishna, playing Dahi Handi  and dress children in krishna costumes . And enjoying Rasa lila and Dahi Handi.

This year we are celebrating Janmashtami on 25th August 2016 (Thursday). For your information it is 5243th Birth Anniversary of Lord Krishna. So now everyone preparing to celebrate Janmashtami, this is how we can spread joy & happiness to the fullest.

Charity – Cuddles Foundation is asking for some help on Janmashtami. Cuddles Foundation is a charity organisation that supports underprivileged kids in need of medical aid. You can be a part of this helping hand by donating lassi to kids with cancer.

Following is the collection of best Janmashtami krishna costumes for kids.

Angrakha, Dhoti Pant for Boys (1-7 Years) Sri Krishna costume

Price range – Below Rs-check price at

Age group – 1 to 6 year

baby dress for sree krishna jayanti (janmashtami) celebrations

This festival wear is best for children in 1 to 6 year age group. This Angrakha and Dhoti Pant is made with cloths best suiting for childs. It is a comfortable krishna Dress that you can use for Sree Krishna jayanti or any other festival occasion. More details and promotional codes.

Baby Boy’s Angarkha and Dhoti Pant sri Krishna costume

Price range Rs – check price at amazon

Age group – 6 Months to 3 Yrs
Best Krishna Dress for Janmashtami/Krishna jayanti celebrations for boys

This set of dress include Rajasthani Dress, Shoes, Turban also. Size is available in 7 options. You can choose from a range of sizes that fits for new born baby, 3 months old baby, 6 months, 1 year to 4 year old chiild. Can be also used for occasions  other than Sri Krishna Jayanti like holi or other celebrations. More details and promotional codes.

FANZI Yellow krishna style kurta & dhoti dress for kids

Price Range Rs – check price at amazon

Age group-1 to 7 year old

Krishna costume for kids - buy online

Package includes 5 Sri Krishna costumes, kurta,dhoti,bansuri,mukut and patka. More details and promotional codes.

FANZI Yellow krishna style kurta & dhoti costume dress for kids

Price Range Rs – check price at amazon

Age group – 1 to 7 years
Sree krisna jayanti costume buy online

Package includes kurta,dhoti,bansuri,mukut and patka. Material used is cotton blend. Costume is available in 6 different age groups. More details and promotional codes.

Krishna Style Kurta & Dhoti Costume Dress for Kids

Price range Rs – check price at amazon

Age group – Two to Seven Years
Janmashtmi costume for girls

This is a Package of Kurta, Dhoti, Bansuri, Mukut and Patka. Cloth material is cotton blend. Cotton blend is commonly used not 100 percent cotton. Material will be comfortable for children’s. Dress is specially designed for Festival seasons , Rakshabandhan , Janmashtmi etc. More details and promotional codes.  

SBD Unisex Lord Krishna Costume Dress for boys

Price range Rs – check price at

Age group 3 to 4 years

Krishna costume for boys buy online

This is a complete set of ready made Sri Krishna costume you can use out of the box. This set includes dhoti, armlets ( 2 pair ), long scarf, a waist belt made out of cloth, a pair of earrings, a pearls neck piece, and a head gear. This package also includes a flute (not original). Material used is china silk material and cotton, which is not itching or allergenic. This costume can be reused in school plays, stage shows, birthday parties, festivals like janmashtami etc. More details and promotional codes.