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This is how Keralites (Malayalees) celebrates Onam

Best time to visit Kerala – Onam festival in Gods own country.

Keralites all over the world is going to celebrate Harvest festival “Onam”. Onam is a 10-day-long harvest festival celebrated from Atham to Thiruvonam (malayalam months).

This southern state of India:Kerala is the destination of thousands of tourists each month. Natural beauty of itself is the best reason to plan a trip to Kerala. This year during the first half of September Keralites are celebrating “Onam”. Therefore you can get some special moments if you visit Kerala during this season. Anyone planing a trip to Kerala during this season can enjoy cultural beauty of Kerala also.

Onam is celebrated by all people of Kerala irrespective of Religion. Following are the main highlights of Onam celebrations.

Onam festival marks the homecoming of mythical king Mahabali (Maveli). Mahabali emerges from the netherworld to visit his people in Kerala.

Vallam kali competitions

Vallam kali (Boat race) season 2016 already started in Kerala with Nehru trophy boat race.  Nehru trophy boat race as usual was conducted on second Saturday of august 2016. Following are some major Boat race events in Kerala.

1)  Nehru Trophy Boat Race
2) Aranmula Uthrattadi Vallamkali
3) President’s Trophy Boat Race
4) Kallada Boat Race
5) Pampa Boat Race
6) Champakulam Moolam Boat Race
7) Kumarakom Boat Race
8) Payippad Jalotsavam
9) Kannetty Sree Narayana Boat Race
10) Thazhathangadi Boat Race
11) Gothuruth Boat Race
12) Piravom Boat Race

vallam kali kerala onam

Onam 2016

OnaSadya in Banana leaf

Onasadya is one of the best food experience you can get in Kerala during onam festival. Vallasadya is a special event in Aranmula temple which serves 45 different dishes in Sadya.

onam 2016 sadya

vallasadya with 45 dishes
vallasadya with 45 dishes

Thiruvathira kali dance

Thiruvathirakali is a traditional dance form performed by malayalee women’s.  The dance follows a circular pattern accompanied by clapping of the hands and singing. Other dance forms like Kummattikali, Pulikali, Thumbi Thullal etc. are also performed as part of celebrations all over Kerala.


Onam 2016 thiruvathira kali

Pulikali (Tiger Dance in Kerala)

Biggest Pulikali event takes place at the Swaraj Round in Thrissur district of Kerala. This will be full of fun and celebration for everyone. People get their bodies painted in tiger costume. And you can see 100’s of men in this costume and enjoying.

Pulikali onam celebrations

Traditional sarees for onam

Women’s wear Traditional Kasavu sarees during onam festival season.

Kerala kasavu sarees for onam
Kerala Kasavu sari for special occasions

Onapokkalam competitions

People will make Pookkalam (Floral Carpet) in home, school, office and other places as a part of celebrations. There will be a small prize for those who create best pookkalam in these events. Here is a list of simple pookalam designs for school students.

Pookkalam for onam

 Vadamvali competitions

Vadamvali competitions will be held as a part of onam celebrations across Kerala. Two teams will compete each other and more powerful team will be the winner.

Onam 2016 vadam vali mathsaram

This is a youtube video of Vadamvali competition. This is a clip taken from malayalam movie “Aadu’.