Aurion 1515 Synthetic Leather Boxing Bag Review

Updated on : 16/09/2020

Is Aurion 1515 Synthetic Leather Boxing Bag good? Is it really leather? But how is the quality? Where to buy it with offers & Discount. Here is my review

Man punching bag

This is another short review of a boxing product. Aurion 1515 Leather boxing bag. First of all it is not ‘leather‘ but pvc material(Canvas coated).

This is one of the cheap boxing bag/punching bag – intended for beginners. But it is not that bad. You can fill it with weight upto 20 kilo. Seller recommends upto 27Kg but i think anything more than 25 kg will affect it in long term.

Only fill with soft material like cloth, wood grain etc. Heavy or sharp material will ruin it. A little bit of sand packets can be added here and there but not too much. If you add too much weight, stitches will be broken.

It comes with a nice iron chain. It is of nice quality and there is a 360 degree rotating clip added to the chain.

You can buy this heavy punching bag pre filled or empty. You should also invest in a hand wrap to avoid knuckle bruises when hitting this pvc canvas bag.

Product specifications

Aurion punching bag 1515
Aurion 1515 punching bag cover
Cap & zip

Available colors – Red, blue.

Size – 48 inches(Measured it unfilled and it is 45 Inch long).


It looks nice and clean.

Affordable for beginners.

Chain is good & nice, rotating area of chain absorbs some impact instead of transferring directly to hook.


Quality not upto pro quality punching bags.

Not as long as mentioned by seller(Ignorable).

Not leather material as mentioned in the title of product at amazon.

Buy with – Amazon offer, Flipkart offer.

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