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Buy best Light sensor led lights in India (switch on automatically in night )

Light sensor lights buy in India

Day light sensing LED Lights comes under smart lighting technology lights. Smart lighting is a technology designed for saving  energy and improving efficiency. This is achieved  by using high efficiency fixtures or automated controls that make adjustments in lighting based on certain conditions. Conditions may be occupancy or daylight availability. Motion sensing led lights also comes under…

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Review of top 6 best selling motion sensor(automatic) led lights in India

Best motion sensor led lights in india

Following is the review of best motion sensor led lights available in India. If you are looking for light sensing LED lights, here is another list of best Light sensor led bulbs (sense light and then adjust brightness accordingly/turn on/off). Some lamps listed below have both light and motion sensors. Finally we have few solar powered led lights (Mostly for…

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Eveready Led bulbs,lights online price and review

Eveready LED bulbs offers

Eveready Industries India, Ltd (EIIL) Eveready Industries India, Ltd (EIIL) (previously known as Union Carbide India, Limited) is the flagship company of the B.M. Khaitan Group. The brand Eveready ( has been present in India since 1905. Many of best selling LED bulbs in India is from Eveready. Company produces digiLED Torches, Brass Torches, Aluminium…

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LED Bulb Most commonly used Base types in India (Infographic)

LED bulb different base types in India

LED Bulb different Base types in India B22 Type – Standard single bulbs-Used in Home B22 LED bulb is the most widely used bulb base type in India. E27 Type -Ceiling, wall light fittings outdoor lights and table lamps. Screw type bulb-known as standard Edison Screw type bulb E14 Type – Decorative light fittings,candle shaped…

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