10 Best Table Tennis Rackets in India

Table tennis racket - Buyers guide

I have chosen these rackets from top table tennis brands in India-those brands with credibility value. Qualities like control,spin,speed,price market reception.

Table tennis Bats-beginners & intermediate players

Following is the list of top 10 best table tennis rackets available in India 2018. Below listed rackets would be best for beginners and intermediate players. I have chosen these rackets from top table tennis brands in India – those brands with credibility & value. Review is based on qualities of rackets like control, spin, speed, price and market reception. Hope this will help to learn everything you need to learn before buying a table tennis/ Ping pong racket.

Quick read – Suggested 10 TT-Rackets

Make model & price
 Stag 4 Star
 GKI Kung Fu DX
 GKI Offensive XX
 GKI Nano Force
 Stag Ninja Fire
 GKI Euro V
 GKI Euro Star
 GKI Euro XX
 STIGA Pro Carbon

 Table tennis, Beginners questions answered

Difference between ping pong and table tennis?

Ans: Ping pong and table tennis are same.

When people have to choose a TT racket, most frequently asked questions are,

  • Which are best TT- rackets for a attacking game style?
  • Which are best Rackets for a defensive style playing?
  • Which are the best table tennis rackets for spin?
  • Which are the best Table tennis racket for control?

How to choose table tennis racket

What decides the quality of Table tennis bats? Things to consider while buying Table tennis bat includes,

  • Blade quality
  • Thickness
  • Speed
  • Spin
  • Control
  • Handle types and grip
racket-handle-types of TT racket
Strait handle, conical handle, flared handle, concave, anatomical handle, pen-hold type handle
  • Plies
Impact of plies on table tennis blade
More plies result in loss of flexibility of table tennis racket
Impact of less plies in table tennis racket blade
Less plies will result in flexible blade
  • Wood
  • Rubber type and make
  • Weight
Impact of racket weight in table tennis racket
Heavy racket –> For offensive and attacking style players
How does weight affect table tennis racket quality
More lighter –>for all-round, defensive playing style
  • Stiffness
More stiff –>less controll

Top brands of Table tennis bats

  1. GKI
  2. Stag
  3. Butterfly
  4. Donic
  5. STIGA
  6. Cosco

Making your own TT Racket – Customised 

You can get custom table tennis bats, rubber and blades based on your own specific requirements. For this you can consult to an experienced player / contact any custom TT makers in India.

Top selling Table Tennis rackets

Best Table tennis rackets under Rs-500

Stag 4 Star Table Tennis Racquet 

stag ninja fire under 400

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Best selling  Table tennis rackets under Rs-1000

GKI Kung Fu DX Table Tennis Racquet

Check price at amazon, flipkart

GKI Offensive XX – Computerised Printed

GKI Offensive badminton racket

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GKI Nano Force Table Tennis Racquet

Gki Nano force table tennis racket

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Best Table tennis rackets under Rs-1500

GKI Fasto Table Tennis Racquet.

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Best Table tennis rackets under Rs-2000

Stag Ninja Fire – speed: 92, spin: 92, control: 72.

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Best Table tennis rackets under Rs-4000

GKI Euro XX Table Tennis Racquet 

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Best Table tennis rackets above 4000

STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket

Rubber for Tournament Play Approved by ITTF, Carbon Technology, Speed: 99, Spin: 100 Control: 80.

Check price at – amazon

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