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yonex nanoray 10 vs muscle power 29 comparison

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yonex nanoray 10 vs muscle power 29 comparison

Yonex nanoray 10F review

Yonex Nanoray series
List of all Nanoray rackets at amazon India
  • Head light racket with weight 4U (80-84.9g)
  • For players who need speed

Yonex muscle power 29 review

Yonex Muscle power series

List of all Muscle Power series rackets at amazon India

  • Head light racket with weight 3U (85-88g)
  • For playing style which need power

Comparison of Yonex muscle power 29  vs Nanoray 10

Yonex Nanoray 10 Yonex muscle power 29
Description Light racket for speed and control Racket for effortless power
Weight 4U (80-84.9g) 3U(85-88g)
Length 686mm
Grip size G4 G4
Balance Head light Head heavy
Flex Flexible Stiff
Material Shaft-Graphite with nanomesh plus and carbon nan Shaft- HM-graphite, Frame-HM- graphite, titanium mesh
Brand Yonex Yonex
Shape Isometric Isometric shape
Player style Control and speed  Power players
T-joint Inbuilt Inbuilt
Tension 19-24lbs 19-24lbs
Colour Red, white+black, white+red, White+blue Black, Red+black
CoverFull coverFull cover
Price Amazon, Flipkart  Amazon, Flipkart

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Which one is the best ?

These two rackets are from 2 different rackets series of Yonex : Yonex muscle power vs Yonex nanoray, ie Effortless power vs Speed

Nanoray series are light weight, and tries to be fastest rackets without losing control and power. Since the racket is light it will not last as long as Muscle power 29. But is one of good option for intermediate players who loves a racket with blazing speed.

Muscle power 29 focus on bringing effortless power with head heavy types of making. It is a little heavier than (3U) than Nanoray 10 (4u). It is an ideal racket for beginners and intermediate players who loves power playing style.